FontFont Subsetter

v 2.0.147


FontFont Subsetter is a tool for optimizing and customizing Web FontFonts in three easy steps. The free service lets you significantly reduce the file sizes of your Web FontFonts to cut bandwidth costs and make your websites faster.

Optimize Web FontFonts

Subsetter allows you to strip out extraneous glyphs and data that you may not need, like unused language characters, OpenType layout features, punctuation marks, and kerning information. It will create a new, lighter webfont file tailored to each unique website.

Smaller files mean faster websites and a better user experience. Dropping unessential characters from a webfont can make a big difference in the long term. It also gives designers the opportunity to use more font styles with less of an impact on speed and bandwidth.

Smaller files are less expensive too. As a website becomes more popular they cost more to host and maintain. Every bit of saved bandwidth saves money.

Customize Web FontFonts

Just like FontFonts for desktop use, most of the latest Web FontFonts contain a variety of OpenType layout features like ligatures, small caps and different numeral styles. This gives you an array of options for advanced text setting, but it also makes the files bigger and not all features are supported by all browsers.

Subsetter gives you two options:

  • Drop the glyphs of the features you won’t be using, this will significantly reduce file size.
  • Choose the “freeze” option to swap characters for their alternatives from OpenType features. E.g. you prefer a font’s alternative a, just freeze the corresponding Stylistic Set. The default a will then be replaced and ready for any browser.

Maximize compatibility

The latest Web FontFont versions are delivered in WOFF format only, which combines great compatibility with a good compression algorithm and OpenType feature support.

However, if you want to get even closer to 100% compatibility, feel free to convert the font to TTF and/or EOT formats as they function with older browsers.

Three Easy Steps

FF Subsetter optimizes fonts in three simple steps:

  • Upload a Web FontFont.
  • Strip out glyphs and data that may not be needed for a particular site, like unused language characters, punctuation marks, and kerning.
  • Download your optimized font file.

File sizes can be reduced up to 90% and the new fonts are instantly usable on the web, just like the originals.

FF Subsetter is a free tool for any licensed Web FontFont user. We’re thrilled to offer this great service to you.